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It’s been slightly over a year since TM and I started working on CoinGecko. Many good things have come about since we got together in early 2014 to explore opportunities in the Bitcoin industry.

There have been many lessons learnt and many doors opened as a result of this venture. I will save that for another blog post but today I would like to make a quick update to say that our work in collecting cryptocurrency data have brought us to write a research journal with Professor David Lee and Guo Li of Singapore Management University and this journal has been published by Elsevier in a digital currency handbook.


At over 600 pages, this handbook is a big encyclopedia exploring the still nascent digital currency ecosystem.

Here’s my proud moment when I opened the DHL parcel a few days back.


If you are interested in buying this book, it’s retailing at USD150 with free worldwide shipping.

Thank you very much to all those who have supported me in this journey especially Prof. David Lee, Guo Li and TM Lee.